Transfer press

Transfer press.

Combined machining processes using transfer presses

Many components require several processing steps to give them the desired shape, e.g. a sequence of forming, punching and edge processing. If this cannot be done in a single operation, a multi-stage machining process must produce the desired result. Transfer presses or multi-stage presses are used to ensure that the transfer from one machining operation to the next takes place as quickly as possible. The MAWI presses with tailor-made transfer systems offer you a highly efficient production with minimum manual effort. This takes your productivity to a whole new level and also makes it much safer.


We rely on mechanical multi-stage presses with a 2-point drive. In addition to the electromechanical drive design, we can also design your transfer presses as servo presses.

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Advantages of MAWI transfer presses

MAWI transfer presses can offer you multi-stage applications with any punching and pressing process. We also enable serial, multi-stage machining of large components through large bolster and slide plate surfaces. Our service guarantees the continuous high efficiency of your transfer press, the susceptibility to faults is minimized. Our service doesn’t just include the planning, installation and testing of your presses up to the test run. You can reduce the downtimes of your transfer press to a minimum through a maintenance contract with MAWI. Let us continue to accompany your production machine even after its successful installation. Our excellent after-sales service includes regular maintenance and testing in accordance with Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV).

This will keep your transfer press productive and safe at all times. We are also happy to check your machine with regard to the implementation of expansion options. We always keep an eye on innovations that become available in our industry. Talk to us before you aim to purchase new presses with transfer tools. We will show you what is possible with your existing systems through performance-enhancing modifications.

Creating an efficient transfer press with an optimized controller

When controlling transfer presses, we prefer to utilize the proven SIEMENS S7 control unit. This controlling technology has become an industry standard. With a SIEMENS S7 your transfer press will be optimally equipped for current and future applications. This control unit offers you everything you need for modern production in terms of equipment, user-friendliness and visualization:


  • Drive with frequency control
  • Press force monitoring across all production steps
  • Piece counter
  • Article administration
  • Remote data transmission
  • On-site interface for production data acquisition
  • Remote controllability
  • Expandability through interfaces and switchable power supply
  • Special applications
  • and much more

Services of the MAWI transfer presses

We can offer you transfer presses with a pressing force starting at 160 tons. In addition to project planning and installation of your presses with transfer systems, we can also equip your production machines with all necessary peripheral equipment.


This includes:


  • Coil lines
  • Blank loaders
  • Oiling systems
  • Assembly and removal systems

MAWI transfer presses are able to convince through their worldwide use at the highest level of productivity with a constant product quality. Reliable manufacturing processes in compliance with the required tolerances over very high quantities are our trademark. With the maintenance-friendly transfer presses from MAWI, you will also be able to find solutions for even the most demanding inquiries of your customers. Therefore please talk to us, if you are confronted with unusual customer challenges.


With a MAWI transfer press you can also offer complex geometries with demanding press-punching requirements and hard materials. This will quickly make you a preferred partner compared to your competitors. Call us – we can make your production ready for present and future challenges.

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