Automation and accessories

Automation and accessories.

Exploiting the potential of the press

What good is the most powerful forming plant if the periphery isn’t dimensioned accordingly? An inexpensive feeding system that cannot keep pace with the pressing cycle is expensive for the company. Capital saved on acquisition costs is burned due to the lack of performance of poorly dimensioned accessories. The other way around, however, machine equipment can become a complete success: Slightly oversized coil lines, loading robots, turning stations or controls give your expensive extrusion press the potential to run permanently at full capacity.

Simply contact us, in order to receive the optimum equipment and accessories precisely matched to your machines. We can offer you comprehensive specialist knowledge and extensive experience with which we can also bring your production facilities to a new level of performance and quality.

Regardless of whether it’s for existing plants, used machines or forming presses supplied by us – we will equip each plant with the accessories with which it can achieve the highest degree of efficiency. Our services include:

  • Complete coil lines
  • Servomotor-driven 2 or 3-axis transfers
  • Feeders
  • Straighteners
  • Uncoilers
  • Machine controllers
  • NC gripper rail transfer systems
  • Complete systems
  • Other handling systems

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Automation and accessories from MAWI -Your advantages


Automating of forging plants is our mission. Your company is taking a decisive step into the future, by freeing these production processes from slow, faulty, dangerous and unhealthy manual work. Regardless of whether we help your existing plant to a new level of efficiency through automation or whether we supply you with complete systems – with MAWI automation and accessories you will achieve new dimensions in productivity and consistent quality.


Then give us a call. We will analyze precisely what you need and how to reach your goal. We will thereby accompany you from the planning stage to the successful test run in your company. But will also be there for you after the purchase. With our after-sales service, your production systems are in the best of hands throughout their entire service life. Through a maintenance contract with us, we will always have a view on your systems: This enables us to replace wear parts before failures trigger expensive repairs and long downtimes. We will also keep a constant eye on the safety of your presses through our regular inspection. We can perform tests strictly according to Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) and thus give you a maximum degree of safety for the daily operation – and the inspection certificate for the trade association.

Optimized production through a powerful controller system

In automated processes, the controller is the central building block for a coordinated and efficient production. With our state-of-the-art SIEMENS S7 compatible hardware and software solutions, your automatic punching machines and the associated peripherals are optimally prepared for Industry.


Remote access, mobile data transfer, controller, monitoring and monitoring of all processes are only a small part of our solutions for the plant control. A modular design allows the controller and peripherals to grow with your success. In this way you won’t just quickly achieve the profitability of your plant, you can also increase your profit proportionally to your growth through our service.

Our product range for your press accessories


In the field of automation and accessories we offer:

  • Complete coil lines with a high degree of automation
  • Special solutions for automation with a visual processing
  • Feeding, separation and transport of semi-finished and final products
  • Tool changers and automatic tool or workpiece clamping systems
  • Two and three-axis servo gripper bar transfer systems

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