Press technology

Press technology.

Forming and punchers for Industry 4.0

Customer’s demands for producible geometries, achievable tolerances and increased productivity know only one direction: upwards. To enable you to meet the demands of your customers in the future, we can offer you our services as specialists for punching and forming technology. We are highly competent service providers for the forming and punching of all kinds of products. Our portfolio comprises:

  • Complete solutions for the forming and punching with any material thickness
  • Competence in all forming processes: Bending, drawing, deep drawing, embossing
  • Competence in cutting separation processes: Cutting, hole punching, punching, high-speed punching

Through our broad experience and high degree of competence, we can assist you during every stage of a cutting or forming process. Regardless of material, quantity, production speed or thickness of the semi-finished product, we will find the right solution for your challenges.

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Performance and price advantages


MAWI purchases high-quality basic machines from high-performance business partners, which are then retrofitted with our own know-how and state-of-the-art controller technology. Thus, you will receive CE-compliant presses in a high quality at a favorable price. With our services, manufacturing a product series of the highest quality at a reasonable price is no longer a contradiction. But it doesn’t always have to be new: Talk to us if you want to make your tried and tested systems fit for the future. We can bring your used machines up to date again. This solution not only saves you the high investment in a new machine – it can also be implemented much faster. In addition, we can also adapt your existing systems to the most modern applications: Automation, network connection, safety, productivity – with our service, your existing machines will quickly be back at the forefront.


We have been a manufacturer of spare parts for presses and punchers since 1981. With our high-performance in-house production, we can repair your processing machines within the shortest possible time. No matter what part you need, we can make it: Our modern precision systems can manufacture what is needed on your machine – from the clamping table to the cylinder liner. After the purchase is before the service. Our success is based on the strong relationships we build with our customers. Therefore, we encourage you to also use our after-sales service. We will keep your plant in operation and modernize it continuously. This allows you to process new enquiries at short notice and adapt quickly to your changed customer requirements. However, if only a new system can meet your challenges, then talk to us. We are very familiar with this industry and can present you with a very large selection of interesting machines. To research a suitable basic machine for you, can also conduct an expansion with modern components, so that you are always prepared to meet the demands of your customers.

Innovative controller for more productivity

We rely on the proven SIEMENS S7 controller for the operation of our systems. With this highly developed and permanently modernized controller module, the whole world of modern possibilities will be at your disposal. This includes:

  • Remote access
  • Automated press and punch force monitoring
  • Envelope control
  • Drive with frequency control
  • Counters
  • Interfaces to the EDP connection
  • and much more

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