TOMAC -High-performance coil line system

Toptran Machinery is an innovative manufacturer of peripheral equipment for forming and punching machines. TOMAC’s coil handling systems offer a convincing price/performance ratio and excellent quality. We can equip the products of the Taiwanese manufacturer with applications that make them suitable for the European market. Thus you will receive inexpensive plants in best “Made in Germany” quality for long and reliable applications.


The coil handling systems we supply from TOMAC (Toptran Machinery) include:

  • 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 precision uncoiler/straightener/feeder combinations
  • Straighteners
  • Roll feeder
  • Interfaces for an easy connection to production machines
  • Documentation in German and any other language on request

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Advantages of TOMAC coil line system

A press or puncher will only work as efficiently as your peripherals. This is precisely where the TOMAC machines fully convince. The uncoilers not only deliver a sufficiently fast feeding, they are also extremely precisely controllable. This will enable you to operate transfer presses or high-speed punching presses at their full capacity.


Our services include the installation, integration and programming of the coil line systems into your existing production facilities. With the integration of uncoilers, straightening machines and feeders, we can supply everything that cold and hot extrusion presses or automatic punching presses need for an efficient operation.

Together with you, we will select the suitable coil line system for your applications and integrate it into your production network. In addition, we are also happy to take over the maintenance of your coil line systems or complete production lines. With our “everything from a single source” maintenance offer, you achieve maximum operational reliability for continuous and safe production.

Optimized control for your TOMAC coil line system

We can integrate your TOMAC uncoiler into the control of your press or puncher. This means that you have the ideal synchronisation of feed and machine cycle in one central control system. This can help to effectively avoid build-ups, delays or rejects.


With our control systems, you can use your TOMAC coil line system for a much wider range of applications than for punching and forming processes. Coil line systems are essential components for the production of trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels. With TOMAC coil line systems, we can also supply innovative products for these industries that are in no way inferior to European manufacturers in terms of productivity and consistent quality. TOMAC coil line systems can easily be combined with cut-to-length lines, longitudinal shears or roller presses. With the help of our high-precision SIEMENS S7 control, you can monitor the entire production process. This way you always keep an eye on the quality and productivity of your production, and avoid the production of rejects.

Our offer for your new TOMAC coil line systems

  • 2 in 1 precision uncoiler/straightener combination
  • Double mandrel uncoilers with straightener
  • Horizontal unwinder with integrated electronic control
  • Roll feeds with NC control
  • Zig-zag feeds with NC control
  • High-speed roller feeds

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