Eccentric press

Eccentric press.

High power with little effort: Eccentric press

The eccentric press is one of the most widely used press systems. It convinces with its fast cycle times and variable lifting force. It is mainly used for press applications that require only a short stroke. An eccentric press has an electromechanical drive: An electric motor drives a flywheel, which is connected to a coupling eccentric device. At the push of a button, the eccentric device clutches in and triggers the stroke. In addition to eccentric presses, blanking machines with eccentric technology have also established themselves in the same manner.


The tasks of the eccentric presses are:

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Trimming
  • Deburring
  • Deep drawing

Eccentric presses are designed as single or dual frame presses or straight side presses. They can be easily integrated into an automated production network.


Eccentric presses can be expanded with the following additional modules:

  • Stroke adjustment
  • Draw cushion
  • Slide knock out (mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Bolster knock out
  • Coil lines
  • Loading systems for the automation

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Your advantages from our eccentric press service


As a specialist for presses and blanking technology, we know every type of eccentric press down to the last detail. No matter whether a single-frame press, a straight side press, a C or a D-press is planned for your applications: We can find the right machine and adapt it precisely to your challenges. With the solutions optimized for your production, you can achieve the maximum degree of productivity with a consistently high manufacturing quality. You’re welcome to challenge us! Even if you need multi-stage press or punching processes, or if you want to manufacture products in over-sizes – we are your right contact partner. With a multitude of options, we are able to implement even the most difficult press and punching tasks to your complete satisfaction.


In order for you to enjoy your press and punching solution for a long time, we can offer you our high-performance maintenance service. We will maintain your eccentric presses precisely so that they can be operated fail-safe. At fixed intervals, we will check all critical points of your system and replace worn parts. The subsequent adjustment of the eccentric presses to your individual production processes is also part of our service. With a regular visit to your production line we can also always give you good tips regarding the innovation and modernization of your plants. We are always looking towards the future, and will be happy to help you equip your company to successfully meet future requirements.

Modern controller for flexible press processes

The requirements on the eccentric press also change when the tool is exchanged. For this we can offer you the press controller for the Industry 4.0: In our experience, the SIEMENS S7 is the optimal system for the modern plant control, which we would also like to use for your eccentric presses. With an innovative controller system you can achieve or facilitate:

  • A frequency controlled drive
  • Envelope curve monitoring
  • Counters and piece counters
  • Modularity and expandability
  • Remote access and monitoring
  • and much more

Our eccentric press offers

1 point ccentric presses:


  • Straight side presses with maximum efficiency and high rigidity
  • C-frame presses for a manual or automated use
  • D-frame presses for high press forces and a manual or automated operation
  • D-frame presses with drag crank drive for a maximum efficiency

2-point eccentric presses:


  • High-strength C and D-frame presses or straight side presses for heavy to heaviest forming tasks with up to 800 tons pressing force.

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