Komatsu Presses

Komatsu Presses.

Powerful Komatsu Presses

Komatsu is a renowned industrial company from Japan. The manufacturer has already been able to convince customers in Europe with its high-performance construction machinery. Now the company is also showing what it is capable of with its servo presses. We are importer and supplier of Komatsu presses. These high-precision adjustable forming systems offer an unprecedented production spectrum with an amazing energy efficiency.


Servo presses are forming machines that are electromechanically driven by servo motors. These special electric motors can be adjusted with a high precision in the delivery of their torque. This opens up new options for presses equipped with servos.

Normally, presses and punchers are used for forming or cutting sheet metal parts. Servo presses, however, add another capability to the machining spectrum of this machine group: Servo presses can be used to join sheet metal parts together. At defined points, such a high pressure is applied to the connecting point that the materials bond with each other on a molecular level. Komatsu presses fully master this joining process. With us as your partner, you also have access to these powerful and innovative production machines.


In addition, Komatsu presses can of course also be used for all other forming and stamping processes. The high-precision adjustable drives open up very interesting potentials for saving energy. This not only reduces electricity costs, but also reduces wear and tear in the machining tool.

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Advantages of Komatsu presses

Komatsu presses offer the following benefits to your operators:


  • Free programmability of stroke heights, pressing force and slide curve
  • Maximum flexibility during operational use
  • Full regulation of stroke speed and acceleration
  • Maximum precision
  • Universal use
  • Best energy efficiency of all forming machines
  • Consistent product quality
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Optimized forming speed
  • New possibilities for forming applications
  • Reduced maintenance requirements due to an elimination of the clutch and brake combination on the machine.


We will accompany you from the requirement specification to the successful test run in your production. In addition, we can offer you a maintenance contract for the regular inspection and checking of your Komatsu servo presses. This ensures that your Komatsu servo press is always fully operational. We also make sure that your presses will pass every Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) test of the trade association the first time. With us, you will receive a comprehensive service that monitors and maintains your entire production network. This gives you the guarantee of constant production readiness and the maximum delivery reliability for your customers. We will be happy to consult you on any useful additions to your Komatsu presses that can further increase your productivity.

Optimized control on your Komatsu press

Like no other forming machine, servo presses depend on a precise and powerful control system. With the SIEMENS S7 compatible control with safety PLC installed by us, you will have the maximum control over your Komatsu servo press.
This control offers you:


  • Interfaces for production data acquisition and peripheral devices
  • Remote access and mobile controllability
  • Piece counter
  • Vibration monitoring through envelope curve control
  • Electronic cam control
  • and much more

Product range for Komatsu presses

  • Servo drive including link drive mechanism
  • Extensive range of peripherals
  • SIEMENS S7 control

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