Presses Manufacturer

Presses Manufacturer.

Press Manufacturer: MAWI and its partners

MAWI will supply you with robust forming machines from Taiwanese press manufacturers with a high-quality equipment. Due to the MAWI refinement these inexpensive but very reliable production machines will reach the German level regarding product quality, safety, lifetime and productivity.


With the help of this powerful press manufacturer we can supply you with:

  • Mechanical presses with variable and fixed stroke
  • Servo Presses
  • Complete solutions for the stamping, sheet metal and solid forging.
  • 1 and 2-point D and C-frame presses with a manually or automatically adjustable stroke
  • 2-point double column presses with fixed stroke up to 500 tons pressing force
  • 1 and 2-point double-column presses with a high customer-specific degree of individualization
  • High-performance presses for the solid forging
  • One and two connecting rod servo presses with a pressing force of up to 1600 tons
  • Full CE conformity
  • Equipment according to Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV)
  • Installation of modern controller systems
  • Press automation
  • Full service
  • Own spare part production

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MAWI Press Manufacturer – Advantages

We started over 40 years ago as a forming technology service provider. Thanks to the Taiwanese press manufacturers we have partnered with, we are now in a position to meet the challenges of the market as a dealer and supplier of high-performance presses. Success proves us right: With our help, the upgraded presses from Taiwan meet all the German requirements for safety, productivity and efficiency – and only at a fraction of the price of domestic manufacturers.


We upgrade the systems of our suppliers to a perfect “Made in Germany” level.
This means that budget-oriented customers will also have access to highly efficient, modern forming technology. With the help of press manufacturers we also offer all peripheral equipment related to press technology, in addition to the forming machines. Conveyor technology, separators, assembly and removal systems and much more are supplied to your advantage in excellent quality.

With the extensive product range of these press manufacturers, we are able to offer you complete solutions that leave no questions unanswered. We don’t just deliver your new presses and complete plants. We also maintain them. With a maintenance contract with us, you can maintain your production at all times and avoid expensive repairs and downtimes.


This offer is not only valid for our new systems. Our thorough and reliable maintenance service also ensures that your existing systems remain operational and safe at all times. Please contact us, even if you have particularly old machines in stock: One of our biggest advantages is the in-house production of spare parts. This enables us to repair machines whose manufacturers have long since disappeared from the market.

A fixed component of the SIEMENS S7 controller system

We make no compromises when it comes to equipping the basic machines of our suppliers. Our goal is: “Made in Germany” level – which also applies to the controller system.


We rely on the proven SIEMENS S7 to control, regulate and monitor our new machines. With this industry standard, we can meet all the requirements of Industry 4.0 for modern production facilities. This expandable system also guarantees the availability of options for all future equipment.

Product range for new plants

  • Knuckle Joint Presses
  • Eccentric Presses
  • Servo Presses
  • Punching machines
  • High-speed presses
  • Fine stamping presses
  • Transfer presse
  • Forging presses

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