Feeding technology

Feeding technology.

The first step in automation: Feeding technology

The material feed to the production line is the first step in the field of automation. Efficient production can only function if the blanks arrive at the forming or stamping line individually, clocked and precisely. We enable this through an innovative, centrally controlled feeding technology that can be individually adjusted to each stamped or pressed product.

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Feeding systems from Mawi – the advantages

MAWI offers you feeding systems that are precisely matched to the respective production process. For this, we equip all types of forming or stamping presses with the appropriate feeding technology. Whether it concerns light blanks for the high-speed stamping or die-cast parts for the solid forging: We can supply you with exactly the components that will enable a highly automated production. A well coordinated feeding technology allows your press to work with maximum quantities. With our feeding technology solutions, your presses can achieve the maximum degree of productivity.


Part separation is also part of the feeding process to the machine. With the help of precisely adapted systems, a disordered collection of parts is turned into a well-assorted series of individual pieces. For this, we utilize proven systems such as belt conveyors or vibration conveyors.


The de-stacking of plates is carried out in our feeding technology units through high-performance plate loaders. We can guarantee a reliable feed to the presses regardless of the primary product’s mass, geometry or material.

For non-magnetic plates and panels, we use force-locking vacuum lifters in the feeding technology. In addition to standard round cups, we also manufacture individually shaped lifters. This means that non-magnetic boards that already have a punched hole can also be produced. Adjustable magnetic lifters are used for magnetizable plates. The lifting force of the magnets is precisely matched to the mass of the board. This saves energy and minimizes the residual magnetism in the plate.


For solid components we use form-locking pick-and-place grippers. In addition to a large number of standard solutions, we will also gladly manufacture gripping systems customized for your product. This will provide you with the maximum feeding reliability and efficiency to your production machines.


We will accompany the production, configuration and adjustment of your feeding technology precisely according to your wishes and specifications. In addition to the installation and commissioning, we can also offer you maintenance contracts with which you can ensure the operational safety of your systems. Through this, we can guarantee the timely replacement of wear parts, needs-based repairs and compliance with the Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) for your entire system.

Achieving success with an optimized feeding technology

We recommend the integration of the feeding technology controller into the machine and plant controller. This works best if the basic machine is already equipped with our proven SIEMENS S7 compatible controller system. This enables you to achieve a reliable synchronization of the entire production process. Unnecessary pauses, constant readjustment and the dreaded “accumulation” are excluded from the very start with this approach. If necessary, we will expand your existing machine controller and integrate your feeding technology to ensure the maximum productivity of your machine.

Feeding systems – our selection


Every challenge in the field of feeding systems on presses and punching lines is highly unique. We can offer you precisely configurable solutions with which you can exploit the full potential of your machine. For this, we have a vast range of components at our disposal:

  • Individually configured loading devices
  • Vacuum lifters
  • Gripping pliers
  • Electromagnets
  • Conveyor belts
  • Vibration conveyor

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