Eccentric Press Manufacturer

Eccentric Press Manufacturer.

Eccentric Press Manufacturer MAWI

We are an eccentric press manufacturer. With the machines supplied by us you are able to carry out a wide range of processing steps.


We offer solutions for:

  • Forging and stamping work
  • Embossing work
  • Bending work
  • Deburring
  • Deep drawing


We supply machines for a manual and automated operation. We will also gladly take over the maintenance of your systems to ensure your continuous production.

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Eccentric Press Manufacturer – Your Advantages

Thanks to a broad product range, we can offer you solutions for every challenge. As an eccentric press manufacturer we are also happy to adapt the systems exactly to your wishes and specifications, in addition to the multitude of standard products we offer.


We can provide you with:

  • Single column presses
  • Double column presses
  • Dual-column presses
  • Presses with fixed stroke or variable stroke


Our eccentric presses can be designed for the traditional manual operation. This method of working is recommended for small quantities, and for products with demanding geometry. Here, it is often for die-cast parts where we, as eccentric press manufacturer, can offer solutions for the deburring. These burrs often make the die-cast parts so geometrically inaccurate to the extent that it becomes difficult to implement an automatic pick-and-place solution. Our greatest strength as an eccentric press manufacturer, however, lies in the installation of highly or fully automated production lines. Here, we can offer more then just our products, for example, our 40 years of experience and the competence we have accumulated in them. Take advantage of the concentrated skill set that we can offer you as an eccentric press manufacturer and forming technology service provider.

We are not just an eccentric press manufacturer, we also offer our customers a comprehensive range of services all around their pressing tasks. This includes:

  • Customer-specific adaptation of all systems into your production network
  • Automation of the manufacturing processes on your eccentric presses
  • Maintenance and care
  • Supplemented with a 2 or 3-axis servo transfer
  • Expansion with peripheral equipment
  • Equipping your eccentric press with modern control systems


In addition, we can equip your eccentric press with all necessary safety systems, which are absolutely necessary according to the Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV). This not only enables us to meet your requirements for the maximum productivity, but also ensures safety at work on your new eccentric press. You can therefore always look forward to an unannounced inspection by the employer’s liability insurance association.

Eccentric presses with modern control system

A modern and powerful control system is an essential factor for the efficient operation of a modern eccentric press. We can supply you with the safety PLC and a SIEMENS S7 compatible control. This modern solution for control and monitoring of your eccentric press offers you the following options:


  • Drive with frequency control
  • Monitoring of the pressing force during each stroke
  • Vibration control through envelope curve monitoring
  • Electronic cam control
  • Timer
  • Article administration
  • Remote access
  • Interfaces for production data acquisition and peripheral devices
  • Special applications

Our product range as eccentric press manufacturer

  • 1 and 2-point eccentric presses
  • Double column presses
  • C-frame presses with highly rigid cast-iron base frame and optional 2-point drive
  • D-frame presses, optionally with link drive
  • Individually configured eccentric presses according to customer requirements

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