Punching Machine Manufacturer

Punching Machine Manufacturer.

Punching machine manufacturer with German manufacturing quality by MAWI

We started over 40 years ago as a service provider and repair shop for stamping and pressing machines. Thanks to our Taiwanese partners we can now also operate as a stamping press machine manufacturer. We integrate all of our accrued know-how into the economic but qualitatively excellent punching machines from Taiwan, before we offer them on the domestic market. Through our upgrading we are raising the already excellent products of the punching machine manufacturers from Taiwan to the “Made in Germany” level.


The products of the punching machine manufacturers available today already go beyond the classic eccentric and knuckle joint stamping presses, which are still frequently found in the production halls today. The resourceful partners from the Far East can already manufacture automatic punching presses and high-performance automatic punching presses as basic machines, which do not have to fear Western competition. Highly rigid base frames, an excellent tool guidance and a wide range of products allow you to find the right machine for every application from one of these stamping machine manufacturers.

Enhanced with our applications, the products from the punching machine manufacturer reach the level of productivity and safety demanded by the industry in Germany and Europe today. A consistent quality on maximum automated systems with full Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) and CE conformity make the systems supplied by our partners a viable solution for cost reduction and increased productivity.


We deliver:

  • Automativ stamping presses
  • High performance automatic punching presses
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Transfer presses
  • ProgDie Presses
  • Press forces from 300 – 4500 kN
  • Strokes from 100 – 1400 strokes per minute
  • Maximum degree of automation
  • All peripherals
  • Modern, expandable SIEMENS S7 compatible controller

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Punching machine manufacturer – these are your advantages

The punching machine manufacturers from Taiwan equip their systems ex-factory with a reliable static and dynamic mass balance. This achieves a maximum stiffness in the machine. The automatic stamping press manufacturers thus guarantee high productivity with a low wear on the machine and tool. This is especially true for high-performance and high-speed punching machines. Our stamping machine manufacturer from Taiwan will prepare your machines so that they can be optimally adapted to the requirements of our customers.


Take advantage of our good contacts, our experience and our competence. Together with you, we will develop the solution with which you can optimally master your challenges. We can help your production achieve the maximum efficiency and safety – and also reduce the purchase costs for your new production lines. Our offer goes far beyond the purchase and installation of a new punching line: With a proper maintenance contract, we can keep your new automatic punching machine ready for operation and fail-safe. Through an integrated controller equipped with remote monitoring we can intervene before an expensive repair case develops. Take advantage of our competence and our customer proximity – with the automatic punching machines manufacturers from Taiwan and our equipment and service we open up completely new productivity options for you.

Systems from the punching machine manufacturer from Taiwan – perfected with German control system

The automatic stamping press manufacturers from Taiwan manufacture their machines according to our specifications. This includes a preparation for the installation of our proven SIEMENS S7 controller system. With this new industry standard, you will have full control over all relevant parameters of your punching system – even wirelessly via smartphone or tablet. This is Industry 4.0 of the present and future. Switchable sockets and interfaces ensure that your automatic punching machine can be expanded almost in real time.

Our product range in the field of punching machines


We can supply you with punching machines and automatic punching machines:

  • Two or three-part press frame in a highly rigid cast-iron design
  • Press forces from 300 – 2200 kN
  • High-precision cam, plunger and column guides
  • Hydrostatic bearings and rolling bearings
  • Hydraulic slide lifting
  • Hydraulic clamping of the slide adjustment
  • Circulating lubrication with integrated oil cooler

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