Ingyu high-speed presses from MAWI

We are an authorized dealer of the Taiwanese press manufacturer Ingyu. This dynamic company was able to impress us above all through its high-speed presses. Therefore we would like to introduce these high performance machines to you. High-speed presses or high-speed stamping machines are the production machines of choice when it comes to the manufacturing of large series of small and precise punched parts. With up to 1400 strokes per minute, these machines can hardly be surpassed in terms of productivity. A product usually manufactured on high-speed presses are rotor and stator laminates of electric motors and generators, as well as transformer plates. To avoid eddy currents and heat build-up in these electrical components, the internal electromagnets are made of sheet metal packages, each of which is equipped with an insulating layer. Hundreds of these sheets are required in every industrial motor – and the demand for high-performance high-speed punching machines is correspondingly high.


Ingyu has specialized in these requirements with various product ranges. We are the importer and distributor of this company and equip its products with expansions that prepare them for the European market.

Ingyu high-speed presses are able to convince through a very high stiffness. The high cycle rate of these machines requires a high-strength base body, as the vibrations generated can otherwise lead to cracks and distortions. A static and dynamic mass balance reduces the vibrations to an uncritical level.


Ingyu high-speed presses produce large quantities of products for which only a small cutting gap is used. The products manufactured on Ingyu machines are able to reach the highest standard of precision and consistent quality. Through our expansions this manufacturer’s machines are modified for the European market. We will deliver your high-speed press and install it at the deployment site. After a test run, we will hand over the plant to your production. Additionally, we will offer you a maintenance contract with which you can permanently ensure the operational reliability and productivity of your Ingyu high-speed press.

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Advantages of Ingyu high-speed presses

With Ingyu high-speed presses and high-speed punching machines, we are offering you productive and powerful machines at a highly economical price. This manufacturer’s machines work with high forming forces and high cycle frequencies. They offer a large installation space for the tool. This means that even larger sheet metal parts can be produced on Ingyu high-speed presses with an undreamt-of productivity and consistent production quality. Despite the large installation space, Ingyu can achieve the maximum stiffness of its machines through a broad range of design measures. Thus Ingyu high-speed punchers offer one of the largest output capacities available in this industry.


We at MAWI bring the IngYu high-speed presses up to European standard. Thanks to our services, the presses and punchers of the manufacturer are able to achieve full CE conformity and meet all Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) requirements. In addition to the extensive standard equipment ex-factory, we can configure the punchers and presses of the manufacturer exactly according to your wishes.

Ingyu presses with a SIEMENS control system

We will equip the IngYu high-speed presses with a SIEMENS S7 compatible control system and all safety PLCs. This enables a remote access and mobile monitoring of the machine. In addition, the machine can be expanded in a sensible manner. The interfaces integrated in the control and switchable power supplies allow the machine to be expanded with a wide range of peripherals.


The control system also provides a major contribution to operational safety. With an integrated monitoring of pressing force and vibration behavior, the high-speed press always remains within its technically set parameters. This will prevent an unnoticed inner dismantling.

The product range around the Ingyu high-speed press

  • Two-piece, highly rigid cast-iron press frame
  • Press forces from 300 – 2200 kN
  • Static and dynamic mass balancing
  • HERION press safety valve
  • Integrated tool protection system
  • Circulating lubrication with oil cooler
  • Electronic cam control
  • Motor-driven and hydraulic slide adjustment

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