Chin Fong

Chin Fong.

Chin Fong High Performance Presses

Chin Fong is a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-performance presses. The plants manufactured by this company from Chang Hua City can reach impressive dimensions. We are convinced of the quality and performance provided by Chin Fong presses and our offer will give you access to this high technology from Taiwan.


Chin Fong delivers:

  • Mechanical presses
  • Knuckle Joint Presses
  • Eccentric Presses
  • Servo Presses
  • Complete solutions for punching tasks, sheet metal forming and solid part forming
  • High-speed punching and transfer presses
  • Forming and cutting machines for bending, drawing, embossing, cutting, hole punching and punchers

Through this, Chin Fong’s product range is already quite comprehensive. We can adapt the manufacturer’s high-performance machines to your wishes and to European standards. We will plan, configure, deliver and install your new Chin Fong machine up to the successful test run in your production. In addition, we will gladly offer you a maintenance contract to ensure your long-term productivity.

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Advantages of Chin Fong presses from MAWI

We can adapt the Chin Fong high-performance presses to the German and European standards. This not only gives you access to amazingly affordable high-performance technology. With our help, your new systems will also meet all requirements relating to operational safety and occupational safety. The systems supplied by us comply with Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) and are equipped with a CE certificate.


We would like to present the product range of Chin Fong to you. Together with you, we will select the proper system for the task. In a joint discussion, we will determine the scope of the necessary and optional additional equipment and adjustment. Your targets are binding for us. We deliver on time within the agreed schedule and budget. Even after the purchase we will be there for you. With a maintenance contract, we will maintain the safety and productivity of your new Chin Fong press.

Chin Fong presses with optimized controller system

A significant part of the adjustments we have made in order to achieve western standards is regarding the control. We equip every machine of this manufacturer with a SIEMENS S7 compatible control. This will give you full control and monitoring of all parameters of your new production machine – even through mobile access.


The SIEMENS S7 offers you:

  • Safety PLC
  • Frequency controlled drive
  • Integrated monitoring of the pressing force
  • Envelope control
  • Piece counter
  • Reliable tool protection
  • Counters and article administration
  • Expandability through interfaces and switchable sockets

Chin Fong systems – the performance spectrum

We can offer you:


  • Customer-specific adaptation of the entire system exactly to your specifications
  • Installation of protective devices
  • Installation of electronic controllers
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Maximum degree of automation: Transfer systems, feeders, placement systems
  • Adapted lubrication systems with integrated oil coolers
  • Own spare part production
  • Conversions and extensions according to customer requirements

Our services also include the integration of your Chin Fong forming machine into your existing periphery. No matter what kind of coil lines, loading systems, turning stations and conveyors you operate, we will adapt your new line to them. At the same time, we can also offer you high-performance peripheral devices that can significantly increase the efficiency of your entire production. Through this, we can provide everything you need to meet future challenges: Economical, powerful and reliable complete systems for larger quantities, more complex geometries, tighter tolerances, and in an absolutely constant, defined quality.

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