Press repair

Press repair.

Press repair from MAWI – fast, thorough, reliable

Presses are highly stressed production machines. They have to withstand strong vibrations, shocks and internal stresses over many millions of cycles. In the event of operating errors or unfavorable external conditions, the internal wear of a press quickly increases exponentially. In the worst case this can lead to damages of the press frame, without a reliable and regular press maintenance. We can offer you preventive measures in the form of maintenance and repair of your machines. This ensures that your presses are always ready for operation and safe during operation.


The MAWI press repair is offered across all brands. Regardless of whether it is an existing plant, used machine, components supplied by us or third-party products – we will be available and conduct repairs when you need us. Thanks to a highly competent, highly qualified and experienced service team, we can usually restore the basic functions of your presses on site.

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Press repair – the advantages

If we have to fix it, it’s actually already too late. Although we will come as soon as possible and repair your production facilities. With a regular preventive press maintenance, you will have a guaranteed long-term operational reliability.


With 40 years of experience and ongoing qualification in the inspection and overhaul of mechanical, hydraulic and servomotor presses, you will have the collective competence available for your facilities. Our reliable and quickly available service team will carry out the press repair in the shortest possible time. This will prevent long downtimes and production outages. Our competent team will check the function and up-to-dateness of all safety-relevant components every time they inspect your systems. By agreement, we will adapt the safety equipment of your equipment and bring it up to the latest legal standards during the press repair. This will give your facilities the highest degree of operational and legal security.

We operate worldwide. You can count on us, even if a press maintenance is necessary at a remote location. We have the employees, the competence and the means to dedicate ourselves to even the most unusual maintenance of your presses. If possible, we will carry out every press repair on site. If a removal of the machine is unavoidable, we will discuss this with you beforehand. Even in such a case of hardship, we are a reliable partner at your side: In such a case we may be able to ensure the continuation of your production by providing a rental machine. We will gladly help you wherever we can in case of an emergency.

Avoiding press repairs through a modern controller system

An important step to avoiding expensive repairs on presses and punchers is the installation of a modern controller system. With the SIEMENS S7 controller and monitoring system, you will always have an overview of all critical parameters around your plant. Thanks to the integrated remote data transmission, you will also have access to this important data available on the move. Limit values can be equipped with alarm messages. This will give you the option of informing a person responsible before the system “runs hot”. In addition, this innovative control also allows a direct intervention in the machine operation. If necessary, simply switch off the machine and avoid further damage.

Our range of services for your press repair

  • A globally active, highly competent service team
  • On-site repairs
  • Reliable compliance with maintenance schedules
  • Upgrade of your machines regarding controller, peripherals and safety technology
  • Complete solutions

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