Progressive tool

Progressive tool.

One stroke – several machining operations: Use of progressive tools on MAWI presses

A progressive tool is an alternative to the transfer press. With this tool, an entire series of machining steps can be carried out with a single press stroke. Progressive tools are designed for the processing of strip material. This is pushed further through the tool by an upstream uncoiler and a precise strip guide with each stroke. The product is processed consecutively at successive processing stations. The separation of the product from the band is only performed at the last station. It then usually falls through an opening into a provided container. The stamping scrap produced up to then is also collected, and e.g. collected free-falling in suitable containers or placed in containers by means of conveyor technology.


The progressive tool is ideally suited for the continuous production of large thin sheet metal parts with a complex geometry. The intermediate steps that can be carried out with the tool result from the set stroke height and pressing force. The usual processing steps for a tool with progressive machining are pressing, edging, bending, stamping, punching and ejecting.


Depending on the design of the progressive tool, further processing steps such as lateral edging of the end product are also possible. The tool with progressive machining is a highly efficient means of production. It is used for the production of very high quantities. However, its reliable operation requires an absolutely smooth operation of the production machine. This is where MAWI Service comes in: We will set up your press in such a way that it can also be equipped with a complex progressive tool.

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Our progressive tool service offers the following advantages

Progressive tools are used on automatic stamping presses. With this type of tool a manual operation is not possible or useful. Common applications for the tool with progressive machining can be found in the automotive, electronics or household appliance manufacturing industries. The low-cost production of complex products in these industries is partly attributable to the utilization of progressive tools.


The production can be automated to a very high degree with the help of a progressive tool. We can help you to fully exploit this technology.


Simply give us a call, if you need a consulting as to whether a tool with progressive machining is suitable for your production, or whether you prefer to use a transfer press. We will gladly provide you with a comprehensive consulting and discuss the optimal solution for your challenges.

We will accompany you from the planning stage all the way up to the commissioning, regarding the selection, design and installation of your progressive tool on your existing systems. Please contact us, if the pressing and stamping machines you currently utilize are not designed to accommodate a progressive tool. We can offer you a wide range of both low cost and high-performance-suitable presses and punchers.

We can install your progressive tools, adapt them to your processes and train your employees in the operation of the sensitive production equipment. With a MAWI maintenance contract you can enjoy all the advantages that our after-sales service offers: Regular inspection and maintenance, care and repair as well as modernization and expansion according to your specifications are part of our customer service.

Control of progressive tools

In contrast to the quite simple pressing and punching tools for a mono-functional machining, progressive tools are much more complex. In most cases, they also contain numerous integrated actuators whose function must be adjusted to the timing of the production process. We encourage you to contact us, in order to optimize the control of your tool with progressive machining. We can help you to keep your production processes as efficient as possible by means of a modern and innovative control system. To achieve this, we connect the actuators and sensors of the progressive tool to the controller of the press. We recommend a SIEMENS S7 compatible hardware and software solution for the control of presses, punchers and automats. On request, we can also equip your production plants with these industry standard controllers, or integrate your production peripherals into the press controller system.

Our services for your progressive tool

In addition to the installation and connection of your progressive tool, we can also offer you the necessary peripherals with which you can make full use of the performance of your production machine. This includes:

  • Coil lines
  • Discharge conveyors
  • Scrap shears
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Uncoilers
  • and much more

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