Press control

Press control.

Successful with a new press control system

Manually operated press workstations have numerous disadvantages: Noise levels, physical strain, dangerous working environment with high risk of injury and low productivity are only a few examples. With a modern press control system, you have the option to operate with automation, taking the safety and productivity to a whole new level. Reliable and safe production over many millions of press strokes with a consistent quality and maximum efficiency are just some of the advantages that we can attain for you by installing a MAWI controller. Take advantage of our competence and our more than 40 years of experience in the field of forming technology. We can also equip older punchers and presses with a proven SIEMENS S7 compatible press control.


This upgrade offers advantages in the following aspects:

  • Increase in productivity and occupational safety
  • Reduction of the need for repairs
  • Automation capability
  • Expandability
  • Preparation for the controller requirements of Industry 4.0

Advantages of a press control from MAWI

Our press control will provide your systems with a significantly higher level of productivity. With these controllers you can deeply automate your production.
Disadvantageous manufacturing aspects such as noise, workplaces polluted with harmful substances, etc. can thus be avoided. Maximum productivity through an extensive automation and continuous process control – this has become the standard.

Additionally, with a SIEMENS S7 compatible press control, we are providing you with extensive control and intervention options for your press and systems. This will enable you to monitor the operation of your system at any time by smartphone or tablet, and intervene in your operation if necessary. This represents state-of-the-art machine and process safety. Our SIEMENS S7 controller system for presses and punchers will prepare your systems for present and future challenges.

MAWI Press control options

The SIEMENS S7 compatible press controls we install can offer you:

  • Drive with frequency control
  • Envelope curve and pressing force monitoring
  • Electronic cam control
  • Counting cams
  • Timer
  • Integrated mechanical or hydraulic tool protection
  • Piece counter and product management
  • Open interfaces and switchable sockets for peripheral systems
  • Remote access and data transmission
  • Special applications

Our service for your Press control includes:

  • Equipping your presses with SIEMENS S7 compatible controllers
  • Installation of the safety PLC
  • Connection of peripheral devices
  • Coordination and test run of your system via remote access
  • Establishment of warning limits
  • Setup of maintenance intervals (depending on quantity)
  • Press diagnostics and fault memory

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