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The services of our coil line manufacturers for your success

A pressing or punching machine only works as well as its peripherals. A processing machine needs a reliable feeding system, especially when the supplied input material is in a strip format. Therefore, we have expanded our partnerships to Taiwan, which now include some very innovative coil line system manufacturers.
With their help and our additional equipment, we can offer you the necessary peripheral equipment for the efficient use of your automatic punching machines and transfer presses.

We at MAWI can offer you high-quality and precisely working coil systems for continuous punching and forming processes. The machines are equipped with the latest technology and can process a wide variety of formats and materials. In addition to precision uncoilers (single or double), we also supply appropriate straighteners and feeders, as well as combinations of these components (3 in 1 units, 2 in 1 units).

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Coil line system manufacturers from Taiwan – the advantages

The Taiwanese coil line system manufacturers produce their machines strictly according to our specifications. This enables us to supply you with all peripheral equipment for a continuous pressing and punching process.


This includes:

  • Uncoilers
  • Feeder devices
  • Straightening machines
  • Transfer systems for cold and hot extrusion presses

Basic units from the coil line system manufacturer – controls from us

We will connect the peripheral devices to the central controller of your production machine. In this way, the timing of all machines is precisely coordinated and a continuous production is guaranteed. For this, the basic machine is ideally equipped with the SIEMENS S7 control. With today’s industry standard, you have full control over your entire manufacturing process, even mobile if you wish. The products of our partnered coil line system manufacturers are already prepared for connection to a SIEMENS S7 control system.


You maximize your productivity with the SIEMENS S7 control and the reliable products of the Taiwanese coil line system manufacturers. At the same time, you can avoid the production of rejects or damage to the machines. Set your own limit and warning values, program protection shutdowns or intervene manually directly in the production process. With the SIEMENS S7 this can be done from any point on earth.


We would be pleased to connect the coil line systems of the Taiwanese manufacturers to your existing controller system. However, we strongly recommend that you follow the industry standard offered by the SIEMENS S7 controller. Today, the Internet of Things also particularly applies to industrial plants. Thanks to the capabilities of Industry 4.0, you can monitor your entire production from anywhere in the world at any time. This applies to your basic machines – and to the entire periphery. The excellent performance in terms of controllability was one of the main reasons why we are so enthusiastic about the coil line system manufacturers from Taiwan. Share our enthusiasm for this powerful, precise and reliable technology and take a look at our product portfolio. You’ll be impressed.

Product range for coil line systems


Our coil line system manufacturers can supply you with the following products for your continuous production:

  • 2 in 1 precision uncoiler/straightener combination
  • 3 in 1 precision uncoiler/straightener/feeder combination
  • Integrated straightener
  • Double mandrel uncoiler with straightener
  • Horizontal unwinder with electronic control
  • NC roll feeder
  • High-Speed NC roll feeder
  • NC Zig-Zag feeder

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