Servo Presses Manufacturer

Servo Presses Manufacturer.

MAWI: Your servo press manufacturer for innovative joining processes

Servomotors are used to enable high-precision control for rotation angles and torques. Their use in forming technology is still quite new, but it opens up undreamt-of possibilities. In fact, this innovative approach is about to replace many traditional drives of forming and stamping presses. As a servo press manufacturer, we can already convert any existing press to a servo drive. This opens up undreamt-of advantages for our customers in terms of machining options, energy efficiency, wear reduction on the tool and wear reduction in the production machine. Take advantage of these benefits and take a look at what we can offer you as a servo press manufacturer.

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Servo Press Manufacturer – The Advantages

Where other press drives only have an indirect effect on the tool, servo motors have a direct effect on the production process. In combination with a powerful control system, it allows this traditional forming process to be expanded by a further processing option. Pre-forms are usually formed or separated on presses and punchers. As a servo press manufacturer, we can offer you yet another option of what you can implement with your new system: You can also assemble parts on our servo presses.


The joining process on servo presses is best compared to spot welding. During the joining, a very high force is applied to a small point in a controlled manner on these machines. As a result, the materials of both components flow into each other and a firm joint is created. The main advantage over spot welding is that this process is relatively cold. There is no danger of burn holes due to imprecisely set welding currents, nor is there any hardening along a heat-affected zone. This avoids stresses along the joining process and increases the precision of the joint. In addition, the servo presses also offer all other processing options: Pressing and punching is also improved on servo presses. Here, these innovative production machines offer the following advantages:

  • High-precision programmability of pressing force, press speed and press height – even during the stroke
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Universally applicable
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • No need for high-wear components such as clutches and brakes for the tool guidance
  • Reduction of wear in the tool and machine

This adjustability allows the pressing process to be precisely adjusted to the tool, the material thickness and the toughness of the material. This means that only so much energy is consumed as is required to achieve the desired result. Here, a significant energy-saving effect is quickly noticeable with batches of many thousands of individual pieces.


Since the speed and acceleration of the lifting and lowering movements can be varied during opening and closing of the mold, cycle times can also be shortened.
In all other forming and punching processes, the relatively slow press-in process determines the speed over the entire cycle. With the aid of the servo control, the speed of the tool during countersinking can be reduced to the required level – but a full acceleration at maximum speed during the stroke can significantly reduce the cycle time. Even a reduction in cycle time by a few percent will also result in an increase in productivity for a large batch run.

We can install your servo press until the successful test run is completed. As a servo press manufacturer, we also offer you a maintenance contract for the ongoing operation. Through this, we can guarantee the continuous operational readiness and occupational safety of your systems in accordance with Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV).

Servo presses manufacturer with an innovative controller system

We will equip our servo presses with a SIEMENS S7 controller system.
This industry standard will make your servo press fit for the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Servo Press Manufacturer – Product Range


For our servo presses we offer a servo drive with integrated link drive mechanic.

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