Semi-hot forging

Semi-hot forging.

Mastering demanding pressing tasks with semi-hot forging

Cold forging is the established precision pressing process. However, it reaches its technical limits with large material thicknesses or brittle materials. Hot forging is the process of choice when it comes to forming solid components and resistant materials. However, hot forging is always at the expense of precision, so that the parts produced in this way always have to be reworked. Semi-hot forging was developed to enable the efficient processing of even demanding and heavy components through forging. In this younger production process, the materials are heated to temperatures between 250 °C – 900 °C. This is far below the temperatures used in conventional hot forging. The heating of blanks achieves two goals – high-precision forming results and the reduction of the required forging energy.


In fact, the products machined with semi-hot forging achieve a net shape or near net shape quality. This means that the products are created during the forging process in a finished or almost finished state. The semi-hot forging process is associated with a considerable reduction in the required energy: The pressing force can be reduced by a good third by preheating the blanks. Semi-hot forging is thus the answer to the demand for higher productivity with consistent production quality. Through semi-hot forging, the massive forging is implemented with a completely new efficiency through a compliance with the required tolerances.

This process is suitable for all “flowable” materials, i.e. mainly metals. It is already being used with great success for the machining of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and even titanium. The undesired scaling of the surface associated with hot forging no longer occurs due to the lower temperatures. The following applications are possible manufacturing processes for semi-hot forging:

  • Extrusion presses
  • Stretching
  • Compressing
  • Setting
  • Reducing
  • Punching
  • Stamping


The high degree of precision associated with this process is achieved by the combining pre-heating with very high pressing forces. Thus, up to 20,000 kN pressing force is used for the semi-hot forging. Semi-hot forging is a process which is oriented towards the processing of normal semi-finished products: Round steels, plates, thick sheets, slit strips and other commercially available semi-finished products can be easily formed into the desired shape in just a few steps using semi-hot forging.

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Semi-hot forging with MAWI – your advantages


We offer the right equipment and peripherals for your semi-hot forging applications. Take advantage of our expertise to adapt your forging and hot forging operations to this production standard. We will show you what is still possible with your old system. If necessary, we can also make suggestions for new, highly efficient forming lines. We are dealer and configurator for forging plants from Taiwanese production. Equipped with our know-how, your own, new or even used production machines can reach the necessary technical level for semi-hot forging.


Despite reduced pressing forces, high forces are still required for the solid forging. These must be intercepted by suitable technical measures in order to achieve a high machine precision and thus consistent product quality. We equip our machines with static and dynamic mass balancing. This reduces wear in the machine and in the tool. We will accompany your new plant for semi-hot forging from the planning stage to the start of production – and beyond. With a maintenance contract from MAWI you will be guaranteed to receive the maximum degree of productivity and reliability.

Optimized semi-hot forging through an efficient controller

The processes in forging can only be fully utilized with an efficient controller. With a SIEMENS S7 compatible controller supplied by us, you won’t just receive a proven high-security PLC. This industry standard also offers:

  • Monitoring of pressing force and envelope curve
  • Drive control suitable for cycle clocking
  • Counters
  • Remote access
  • Production data acquisition and processing
  • Expandability
  • and much more

Our offer in the field of semi-hot forging


For your semi-hot forging presses we can offer you:

  • high-strength steel frame with a tie-rod construction
  • Pressing forces up to 20,000 kN
  • Hydraulic damping systems
  • hydraulic slide adjustment
  • Circulation lubrication
  • Safety through HERION safety valves
  • Improved mass balance
  • Peripheral equipment

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