Knuckle joint press

Knuckle joint press

Traditional presses for embossing and forging presses

The design of the knuckle-joint press is over 200 years old. It was developed to produce coins and medals at high speed. The advantages of the simple but very effective principle are still used today for many applications. With a knuckle-joint press, the force is guided through a knee-like joint. The knee-lever effect, which it is named after, causes the pressing process to become very fast at first, but during the working process it receives a proportional increase in force with decreasing speed. This press has proven itself especially in pressing and punching processes where a relatively small stroke is required.
This includes

  • Embossing
  • Cold forging presses
  • Semi-hot forging
  • Solid forging
  • Thick sheet metal forming
  • Fine blanking presses
  • Deep drawing
  • Trimming and deburring

Presses with knuckle-joint are available in practically all design types.
The smallest units are available as hand-table presses.
The largest knuckle-joint operated presses can process products that weigh several tons. This type of press is driven:

  • electromechanical
  • hydraulically
  • pneumatically
  • Manually

Advantages of the MAWI knuckle-joint press


Knuckle joint presses are ideal for extremely short cycle times and the throughput of large quantities. But there’s more to it than that: We at MAWI can retrofit your new or used knuckle-joint press so that you can really exploit its full potential. With a customized configuration, you can achieve maximum quantities with a consistent quality. Our services for your knuckle-joint presses are, for example:

  • Combination with a 2 or 3-axis servo transfer
  • Adaptation of peripheral devices
  • Individual upgrade and performance improvement
  • Connection to a modern controller system


We will process your press with knuckle-joint technology from the specifications to the test run at your site. In addition, a maintenance contract with us allows you to ensure the permanent operational readiness of your knuckle-joint press. Our service also includes Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) tests.

The way to an optimal knuckle-joint press with a modern controller

We can equip your knuckle-joint press with the best and most proven controller currently available: The SIEMENS S7 is state of the art regarding the comfort, safety, efficiency and monitoring of industrial machines. With this industry standard we can achieve the following advantages:

  • Drive with a precise frequency control
  • Monitoring of the pressing force during each cycle (optional)
  • Monitoring of the envelope curve (optional)
  • Counters and timers
  • Securing the tool
  • Product Management
  • Remote data transmission including access control
  • On-site interface for data synchronization, also wireless on request
  • switchable, additional sockets for the integration of additional devices

Knuckle-joint presses for long-stroke applications

For a long time, knuckle-joint presses were only suitable for short-stroke applications. Although it convinces with very fast cycle times and high pressing forces, its use has always been limited to short strokes such as embossing or thin sheet deep drawing. In this area, we can implement knuckle-joint presses with press forces from 4000 kN to 12000 kN. Due to large passage windows, the knuckle-joint presses can also process wide strip material as a transfer press. But we can do more: Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we can also offer knuckle-joint presses with a long stroke. Our long-stroke toggle presses have a force range from 6000 kN to 12000 kN.

With these forces we are extending the range of application of our knuckle-joint presses into the areas of cold solid forging and semi-hot forging for thick sheets. With an upgrade from MAWI, you can take full advantage of the benefits of a toggle press. We are also happy to consult you if you want to buy a used knuckle-joint press. We will research a suitable device for you, and show everything that is possible with a MAWI upgrade – also for long-stroke applications. Utilize our network of users, developers and manufacturers to purchase your used knuckle-joint press. This enables us to offer you equipment that is not yet listed on any publicly accessible used machinery exchange.

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