Forging press

Forging press.

Powerful yet precise

The forging press is the standard tool for machining workpieces to be massively formed. Modern equipment makes the phrase “You have to forge iron while it’s hot” obsolete: Today, cold forging presses can also produce high-quality forged products that are superior in many respects to hot forged and semi hot forged workpieces.


Cold forged components have a higher tolerance, a harder surface and require less energy for their forming. Although cold forging is somewhat slower than hot forging, many post-processing steps are omitted. Cold forging is therefore the key to producing forged components of consistent quality.

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Advantages of MAWI forging presses

Do you want to produce heavy-duty forged parts in large quantities, with a complex geometry and high precision? Then come to us: At MAWI, we are specialists in the fields of hot and cold forging presses that combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies. We offer forging presses, which can fully exploit the advantages of this manufacturing process even for astonishingly small products. Our specialty areas include forging presses which can be used for hot, semi-hot or cold forging processes. Press forces of up to 20,000 kN can be used for the cold forging. With these immense performance reserves, a series production of high-precision components using the cold forging process is possible even with large quantities and complex geometries. In hot forging, the workpiece is heated before a machining is performed. This makes it softer and more malleable. This process is particularly suitable for short cycle times. The “semi-hot process” is an ideal compromise for both forging applications: Through pre-heated slugs the pressing force can be reduced by up to 2/3 without any loss of quality in the end product.

Today, all three processes can produce parts with a precision that makes further post-processing unnecessary. The “Near Net Shape Technology” delivers finished products where often only a single operation is required. Feel free to contact us anytime. In a joint discussion, we will find out which process and manufacturing plant promises the best results for your challenge. We can deliver the system you need, exactly according to your specifications. We will also gladly check the forging presses you are currently operating for optimization, expansion or modernization potentials. We at MAWI will be at your service even after the purchase: Regular maintenance, fast repairs and legally compliant Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) inspections are part of the service portfolio of our After Sales Service.

Controller optimized forging presses for the Industry 4.0

The manual hammer forging is becoming increasingly insignificant. What used to be dangerous and faulty is now happening safely and with a maximum degree of productivity. This is supported by a powerful controller. The proven SIEMENS S7 controller has become the modern undisputed industry standard that we would like to use for your forging presses.In addition to user-optimized handling and clear visualization, the SIEMENS S7 offers numerous options that also help your forging presses to attain a new level of productivity.


With our help your forging press will receive

  • a drive with frequency control
  • an integrated monitoring of the pressing force
  • a continuous monitoring of the envelope curve
  • electronic switching controllers
  • Counting systems
  • Organization and administration of the produced articles
  • Switchable power supply for peripheral devices
  • Remote controllability
  • On-site connection to the EDP system
  • Special applications
  • and much more

What is possible on forging presses


Forging presses usually work with semi-finished products as they come directly from the foundry: Continuously cast round and square steels, plates or slabs are the starting material that is given its new shape in the forging process. We will supply you with forging presses that can handle even the most demanding materials with a consistent quality. These include aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and high-strength steels. Materials, where many forging plants have to give up, can be easily processed on the plants optimized by us. This even includes highly tensile titanium alloys.

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