Automatic punching machines

Automatic punching machines.

Maximum productivity with consistent production quality thanks to an automated punching technology

Pressing, punching and embossing are already very fast machining processes. What always slows down productivity, however,[1] are the assembly and removal processes. A manual press or punching machine for sheet metal are therefore often unable to produce the ordered quantities in the required time. Automatic punching machines solve this problem. Thanks to precisely clocked feeding and removal aids, the automated sheet metal punching machine can produce one component after the other without any loss of time. These highly efficient punching and forming machines from the forming technology eliminate the need for unnecessary pausing or braking.


Classic applications for automatic punching machines are the production of sheet metal parts with complex geometries and narrow tolerances. A high-performance embossing and punching machine can also process demanding materials, such as high-strength stainless steel, in a consistent quality and in any quantity. This makes the automated punching machine for sheet metal and metal a productivity guaranteeing factor in your production. Many presses can be converted into automatic punching machines. We are specialists in the automation of C and D frame presses, straight side presses, knuckle-joint presses, servo presses and any other type of press.

Our “embossing and punching machines” can achieve up to 1400 strokes per minute. And with press forces from 200 to 4500 kN. We can guarantee the consistent quality of your pressed and punched parts through numerous technical measures on your automatic punching machine.

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Advantages of a MAWI automatic punching machine


A fast cycle inevitably leads to dangerous vibrations at high press forces. A lot of know-how is required, in order to guarantee your automated punching applications over many years without failures. Therefore we attach great importance to a technically-mechanically optimized design of your machine. This begins with the planning of the machine on site. Depending on the machine size and performance requirements, a separate foundation is required for the machine installation. We will gladly consult you, and help you with the planning. This ensures that your press is always correctly positioned and protected from resonance and vibration.


The basic frame of the automatic punching machine consists of a high-strength die-cast part. It absorbs vibrations and resonances, and transfers them into the foundation without you having to fear cracks developing in the frame. We protect the moving parts of your automatic punching machine with a static-dynamic mass balance. This is particularly important for the highly dynamic operation of automated punching and pressing processes. It prevents vibrations from building up within the construction. This also increases the service life of your automatic punching machine, reduces tool wear and improves the quality of the products.


We will manufacture your automatic punching machine precisely according to your needs. Standard equipment for an automated punching machine includes roll feed, straightening device, uncoiler, high-quality controller technology (SIEMENS S7), as well as loading and unloading systems. Our services for your production include planning, assembly and installation of your machine as well as a complete service package. Through a maintenance contract with us, your automatic punching machines receive regular inspections, replacement of wearing parts, repairs and modernizations and, of course, a continuous Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) testing.

Optimized controller for efficient automatic punching machines

We will equip your automatic punching machines with a SIEMENS S7 compatible controller and high-quality safety PLC. This means that you won’t just have the current industry standard for operation and visualization, you will also be well equipped for the future. The controller options also include:

  • Drive with frequency control
  • Envelope curve monitoring
  • Piece counter
  • Expandability through switchable sockets and interfaces
  • Remote data transmission
  • Remote access
  • and much more

MAWI automatic punching machine – Performance data


For your semi-hot automatic punching machines we can offer you:

  • High-strength 2 or 3-part base frame made of cast-iron
  • Press forces from 300 – 45000 kN
  • Damped slide guidance
  • Hydrostatic bearings
  • Dynamic mass balance
  • Reliable circulation lubrication with oil cooler
  • Press safety valve from HERION
  • Innovative clutch-brake system
  • Hydraulic slide clamping

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